Keep Right (Part 1)

When a road sign says "Keep Right," it is protecting your life from an unwanted accident and unnecessary delays. The sign is not a suggestion, it is the law for that stretch of the road.

On the road of life, God has posted His road signs. Sometimes we must stop, other times yield. On occasion we must yield. And, of course, there is the command to "keep right." More lives are wrecked from ignoring God's "Keep Right" signs. Let’s observe one together.

Proverbs 8:6—“Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the OPENING OF MY LIPS SHALL BE RIGHT THINGS” (emphasis added). The word for "excellent" means "an honorable general standing out front." This refers to the character of our words. The very sight of a bold, courageous, moral general inspires an army with high morale. Likewise, noble thoughts can inspire ordinary thoughts.

The word "right" means "evenness or straight." Think of symmetry of design. The platform of our lives is made up of many planks, and each plank must be straight, each must the same in length, not over-emphasizing or under-emphasizing our various beliefs.

Tomorrow we observe another
keep right sign.